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“Aanna Asks” featuring Florian Markus

“Aanna Asks” featuring Florian Markus
Bereits im Dacia Vikings Nachwuchs war Flo Markus eine Leistungsträger und eine Führungspersönlichkeit. (c) Hannes Jirgal

Hello Vamily, I am back with another “Aanna Asks” featuring Dacia Vikings U18 center, Florian Markus.
Florian has been playing football for the past 5 years. He enjoys being a part of the Vienna Vikings Football Academy and likes to set several personal goals for himself. Some of which include being a leader, trying to keep the team motivated, never giving up, and making the U19 National Team.

16 years old Florian (C #54) is in his 5th season as a Viking. (c) H. Jirgal

Football has always been a big part of Florian’s life and he enjoys watching his favorite players. He shared that he looks up to Quenton Nelson because of the type of player he is. “I love watching him play because he is an extremely good athlete and he is also a good person.” When Florian prepares for a game, he is usually nervous up until the first snap. If you were to try on Florain’s headphones, you would probably hear a song by Eminem. The center is very grateful to be a part of the Academy and said his favorite part about it is the family atmosphere. “We are our own little family within a bigger family. Our coaches push us to be leaders and propel the team to win.”

Flo Markus and Vikings intern Aanna talked in the Vikings Office.

At school, Florian enjoys his history class the most because, “It is interesting to see how things used to be and learn more about the past.” When asked about the future, Florian told me that if he could have any job in the world, he would want to play in the NFL. The center is very focused when it comes to football and he loves the competition. Florian believes the Dacia Vikings Football Academy has helped shape him into the person he is today and who he will be in the future. “The Academy is always pushing me to the top. They provide you the opportunity to play in any country you want and push you to perform at a higher level.”

Thank you, Florian, for everything you do to support the Vikings. Bleed Purple!

Until next time,

FYI, the Dacia Vikings youth teams have two game days this spring to prepare for the upcoming season which starts in September:
Danube Dragons Youth teams vs. Dacia Vikings Youth teams on May 30
Dacia Vikings Youth teams vs. Swarco Raiders Youth teams on June 10