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“Aanna Asks” featuring Lilli Graeven

“Aanna Asks” featuring Lilli Graeven

I’m back again Vamily, and this week’s “Aanna Asks” features Dacia Vikings Cheerleader Lilli Graeven. Lilli has been cheering for 10 years. Lilli first got into cheerleading after she did ballet with her best friend. She heard about cheerleading and wanted to try it. Coincidentally, the ballet and cheer coach were the same person. It was easy for Lilli to get involved and the coach saw how happy she was during her practices. Lilli’s coach told her about the Vikings and that’s when Lilli decided to try out.

Lilli was part of the Austrian National Cheer Team. Pic (c) Privat

When Lilli is on the mat for a performance, she is nervous but also tries to stay patient and calm, “Before I go on the mat for a competition I feel nervous. My teammates and I always say supportive words to each other to give the team strength to show our best routine.” Before every competition, Lilli says a small prayer in order to feel more confident and concentrated. The cheerleader also mentally rehearses her tumbling passes in order to feel ready. Lilli’s favorite part about competing is the family feeling and togetherness, “I love that we all get to know each other so well and can spend so much time together both in and out the practice.”

As a part of the Dacia Vikings Allstars Lilli is currently holding the national championship title. (c) nutville.at

When Lilli is not in the gym practicing, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Growing up, the cheerleader did not look up to one specific person. She likes to watch a lot of famous teams from the States and other countries because they often have a very high skill level, “It is impressive to watch and it is also an inspiration for me.” Lilli sets goals for herself and continues to build on them every season. This year, she is focusing on staying active as long as possible and getting better each routine. She also wants to overcome her fear of not being able to do whatever necessary to be a support for my team.

Lilli is also coaching the Vikings Pixies and loves to pass on her knowledge to the youngsters. (c) Nutville.at

“I am happy to be part of the Vikings Allstars and I am also a proud coach of our youngest team, the Vikings Pixies, who competed for the first time at the Vienna Classics. It was a great feeling to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of Vikings.” Lilli is a special member to the Vikings Cheer Team and the Vikings community is excited to watch her perform the rest of this season. #BleedPurple!

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PS: If you like to support Lilli and the rest of the Dacia Vikings Cheer & Dance Teams in person, then attend the –> Austrian International Open 2019 on Saturday June 15 at the Multiversum Schwechat! For tickets visit www.wien-ticket.at!