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“Aanna Asks”  featuring Vikings Allstar Alissa Pavlis

“Aanna Asks”  featuring Vikings Allstar Alissa Pavlis
Alissa on top! (c) nutville.at

I’m back for the next “Aanna Asks” which features Dacia Vienna Vikings Academy Cheerleader, Alissa Pavlis. Alissa has been a part of the Vikings Cheer squad for 14 years.

On March 30, the Dacia Vikings All Senior Cheer Team ‚Allstars‘ won the National Championship. Alissa said it feels great to be a National Champion again and she is ready to keep getting better throughout the season. Alissa loves being on the floor with her teammates. She was nominated for the Vikings Cheerleader of the Year last year and ended up winning. She said, “It was such an honor to be named Vikings Cheerleader of the Year. I have been cheering for long and I felt like all of my hard work finally paid off.”

Alissa won the prestigious MVC – Most Valuable Cheer – Award in 2018. (c) Hannes Jirgal

When Alissa is preparing for a competition she feels both excited and nervous. When the music starts, she gets hyped and feels ready to perform. “I love when the music first comes on. I know that our team is ready and that we are going to hit every move. I try to think of competitions as practice in order to keep myself calm.”
The cheerleader shared several things she enjoys about being part of the Vikings. Her favorite thing is the family it has given her. She has grown close to all of the other cheerleaders and know they will always be there for her. Alissa has grown up around the Vikings her entire life. Her father and brother both played football, and her mother was a football official. Having her family’s support means a lot to her, as does the rest of the Vikings’ community. The dedication and love that is put into this team says a lot about who they are.

Alissa during the Austrian Nationals 2019 when her cheer squad – the Vikings Allstars – won the Austrian Championship. (c) Nutville.at

After graduation, Alissa would like to be in the field of sports. She hopes to pursue a career in personal training and continue to cheer with the Vikings. The Vikings Cheer Team is an important part of this organization and helps make it what it is today. Keep bringing the energy. Go Vikings!

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Alissa and the Dacia Vikings Allstars were Grand Champion of the Nationals on March 30. (c) Nutville.at

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